Introduction & Executive Summary

This report examines the impact of poor network and applications performance upon business goals, customer engagement and financial performance.

This report provides survey details of 266 Australian & New Zealand companies. In partnership with Citrix Australia, Tech Research Asia queried organisations about a range of issues:

  • Their main business goals for 2016-2018
  • The impact of deployed technologies have upon companies’ network environments
  • The impact of emerging technologies (such as blockchain, 3D printing, etc.) on business and technology environments
  • How frequently organisations experience network problems and the consequences for day to day business operations
  • The common causes of network problems
  • The duration and cost of network faults

Our survey data told us that:

  • Business goals revolve around cost management, customer engagement and digital transformation
  • Network and application performance are areas of concern for organisations in both Australia and New Zealand
  • Surprisingly, applications such as office productivity solutions, email, and collaboration tools, are the most common workloads that degrade network performance.
  • Emerging technologies are expected to bring, benefits, however over half of organisations in ANZ will need to upgrade their network performance to realise their potential.
  • The majority of companies in ANZ experience at least three problems across both mobile and fixed-line networks each month.
  • The productivity cost of time lost due to network problems equates to AUD144,563 / NZD66,399 per year for a 50-person company
  • Firms in ANZ measure the impact of poor network and applications performance and estimate that 23% of revenue sources for Australian companies are threatened, 14% for New Zealand.
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